Mould or Mold is caused by excess moisture due to the lack of ventilation in the environment and buildings. As a result, Mold can produce allergens, irritants and sometimes toxic substances which may cause an allergic reaction, sneezing or runny noses, asthma or skin rash. Hence, it is best to solve this issue before it spreads to a more serious infestation.


Professional Mold Removal Service is a careful, step-by-step process involving the use of specialized equipment and eco-friendly products, safe for your residential or commercial space.

Engaging a Specialist is essential as knowledge and skills are required to conduct a safe and effective job in Mold Remediation. This is also to ensure high quality and re-occurrences are reduced over a longer period of time.


We specialized in:

  • High quality and Consistent Services.
  • Environmental-Friendly Products.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mold/mould?

Mould is a fungus that grows as multicellular filaments. Most mold species  cause discolouration and a fuzzy appearance which is especially noticeable on walls and food. This occurs due to the biodegradation of natural materials, which is especially unwanted when it results in food spoilage or damage to property.

To learn more about what mould/mold is, check our our article on mould and it’s symptoms.

Can mold in my house make me sick?

Mould in your house can make you sick, especially if you have pre-existing conditions such as asthma or allergies. Even if you don’t have such issues, mold in your house is still able to irritate your nose, skin and lungs.

There is also a common and particularly harmful type of mold is called black mold. Black mold is toxigenic and can cause a person to feel breathless, have fevers or frequent headaches whenever they enter the mold infested space.

What are the symptoms of mold exposure?

According to the CDC, some of the most common symptoms of mold exposure are

  • – A stuffy, clogged nose
  • – Sore throat
  • – Burning eyes
  • – Coughing/wheezing

An almost sure way to tell if your house has mould problems is leaving for a few days (to go on holiday, for example) and coming back afterwards.

If you immediately start coughing, wheezing or have trouble breathing, mould has likely grown to the point where it has started causing issues for your home.

What are signs of mold in your house?

Mold is ever present in your house. Chances are that mould already lives in your house, but does not have a large enough presence to cause issues for you. However, when the amount of mold spores grows to a big enough number, only do you see signs of mold in your house.

Such signs of mold include:

  • -Bulging walls
  • -Grout between floor tiles (especially bathroom) turning black
  • -A frequent cough
  • -Green, black or yellow stuff on your walls that appears there spontaneously

Can you clean up mold by yourself?

Yes, you can certainly clean up mould by yourself, if you have the necessary experience and skills to do so.Read our article to learn 3 easy methods to remove mould from your house.

However, cleaning up mold can be difficult, intimidating or even dangerous to do so, and many people do not feel confident enough to undertake this task. After all, dangerous mold can negatively impact the health of your loved ones, so it’s entirely understandable. It’s no shame to hire a mould remediation professional like us who’s NEA Certified and can get rid of your mould issue in less than 24 hours from your firstcontact.

Doing so ensures that a thorough, safe job is done of eradicating mold that does not endanger others, especially vulnerable loved ones like the elderly, children and pets.

How do I know if I need mold remediation?

Every case is unique, and similar looking cases from the outside may have very different mold treatments needed. However, here at EcoSense, we’ve got a checklist to help you tell if you need mold remediation.

  1. You see black mold in your house. This particular one is toxigenic, and needs specialized equipment and training to handle.
  2. Mold is in a difficult to access place. This includes places like ceilings,  bathroom tile grouts (the space between the tiles) or toilets.
  3. Mold damage is severe and extensive.
  4. You aren’t confident of being able to remove the mould by yourself, or don’t wish to deal with the hassle of trying to learn how to do it.

Why should I go with EcoSense for mold removal?

True, there are plenty of mould removal companies out there, and many of them are also pretty good.

But we truly believe that EcoSense is one of the best choices out there, and that’s because customer service is at the heart of our business. It’s not an afterthought, or something tacked on, but something that came from the very start of our business.

With us, you’ll get:

  1. Your mold issue removed within 24 hours from first contact with us
  2. Stellar customer service – email or call us if you’ve got questions or complaints and we’ll try our absolute best to make things right for you.
  3. A patented mold-removal process. We use a completely unique mold removal process that is safe for your family and home, and that leaves you 100% satisfied.

Contact us today.

What is the average cost for mold remediation?

We know that mold remediation is anxiety-causing and can be a lot of hassle, so we’re here to answer any questions you might have about the process.

Transparency is one of our values here, and we want to reach a deal that’s great for the both of us.  To get a personalised, accurate estimate, please ring us at 9819 8432 or drop us an email at We also have chat via Whatsapp.

How long does mould treatment take?

This depends on the size of the area to be cleaned of mould. If you’re particularly time-strapped or just need a time estimate, please contact us at SALES@ECOSENSE.SG or fill in our contact form.


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