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Termites are the most dreaded pest infestation on any property or structure!

Termites trigger architectural damage to your house, and it can be a frightening experience. They usually damage the interior of wood furniture while leaving the exterior intact as a defense against drying. As a result, you will be unable to spot termite disruption to your lovely furnishings unless you do thorough inspections. However, these termites may be mistaken for various other harmless insects, so it is critical to locate the termites and do proper termite control in Singapore as soon as possible.


Keep Termites at Bay:

It is essential to do termite control as soon as you discover that these termites are attacking your home, and several companies provide this service today. This emphasizes the importance of locating a high-quality business at a reasonable cost. Many unwanted pest control professionals may come to your home and provide free or low-cost services, but they are never worth trusting with this task. Obtaining pricing quotes from various firms that have the solution is the best way. When determining the control price quote, several factors must be considered.

Fast and Effective Termite Control Treatments:

Termites like to eat wood and cellulose. You cannot even realize that the lovely house you live in is slowly ravaged and eaten away by termites. Termite infestations can also cause health problems in humans, such as nausea and headaches.

Our termite care “ECOSENSE” Singapore exterminator will perform a baiting method for termite-infested structures as well as drilling treatment as a preventative treatment for your designs. We provide a variety of termite or “white ant” management care solutions unique to your requirements. Whether you live in a landed house, HDB flat, or condominium, or facing termite issues in your industrial building, F & B outlet, or a commercial shop, we have satisfying experience handling all termite situations.

Baiting System for Termites

If you have active termites, our baiting solution eliminates them by inhibiting termite growth with its active ingredient. When the bait is exchanged and distributed, the colony can be affected increasingly until it can no longer sustain itself and collapses.

Solution for Termite Monitoring

A comprehensive approach that employs unobtrusive tracking stations strategically located within the facility. Our termite specialists inspect these stations regularly for termite activity, and if any is found, the bait is added to the device.

Termite Treatment in Liquid Form- (Corrective Treatments)

This technique can be used to address an ongoing problem or as a termite repellent to keep termites away. Foam termiticide treatments are insecticides dissolved in water with a specific foaming agent to create an end-use substance that resembles shaving cream in its consistency. Foam therapies are typically used to complement the termite protection offered by other methods.

They can be pumped into wall voids and other voids in structures and foundations. Their consistency enables them to extend laterally and even upward to penetrate places where a liquid termiticide will be challenging to reach. The insecticide residue is left on the interior surfaces of the handled void as the foam degrades rapidly. Treatments with foam termiticides are beneficial for controlling aerial colonies of Formosan termites.

Contact us to get professional help from us at Ecosense to eradicate your termite infestation today!

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