Indoor surfaces and air can appear and smell sterile, but they could be infected with microorganisms that carry viruses and pathogens harmful to humans. It is viral and travels from person to person in a variety of ways, including the following:

  • The direct transformation from one human to another
  • Consumption of virus-infected food or drink
  • Touching virus-infected areas (cross-contamination)

The current pandemic of COVID-19 has prompted people to be concerned with staying clean and hygienic. When it comes to infectious, bacterial, and contagious infections, we frequently hear the phrase “prevention is easier than treatment,” and we couldn’t agree more. Infected people may develop life-threatening symptoms, which are particularly dangerous for children and the elderly. You should take steps to keep yourself and everyone you care about safe from these dangerous diseases.

Besides sanitizing specific contact points with disinfectants such as sodium hydrochloride and another off-the-shelf antibacterial spray regularly, it is advised to have a trustworthy professional clean your property with a detailed surface and space disinfection services Singapore procedure. In high-traffic environments, a proper disinfection solution will efficiently sanitize the property and reduces the chance of virus spread.

In Singapore, ECOSENSE is your one-stop shop for virus and bacteria removal.

Use the Disinfection Singapore Service:

Viruses and bacteria contaminate the environment and remain on surfaces for days in the virus-infected climate we live in. Regular disinfectants can only have immediate and temporary security, while our advanced disinfection service can last longer and provide you with a healthier atmosphere to live or work in.

The non-toxic and alcohol-free disinfection fogging service uses plant oil extracts that enter the ion-bonded virus membrane, allowing the viruses to be quickly destroyed. Tabletops, handrails, doorknobs, keyboards, and other hard surfaces will all benefit from Disinfection.

Who will be helped by a Disinfection Service?

  • You need a disinfection facility for your families and neighborhoods, whether you live in a joint compound, condominium, flat, or old folk’s home.
  • You need a disinfection service for your coworkers and clients whether you work in a corporate office, warehouse, hotel, bar, supermarket outlet, restaurant, or college.
  • You need a disinfection facility for the public area whether you run a theatre, condominium, flat, gymnasium, school, or shopping mall (elevator, escalator, and walkway).

ECOSENSE Singapore is proud to deliver a powerful and efficient surface disinfection approach based on cutting-edge technologies. We are an NEA-certified disinfection service in Singapore, and we perform COVID-19 Disinfection according to WHO, CDC, and EPA guidelines. The disinfectant’s active ingredient is on the NEA’s approved list for COVID-19 Disinfection. Commercial and suburban areas have a lot of foot traffic. Popular surfaces such as tables, benches, counters, and toys can become highly polluted.

Our disinfection misting treatment effectively disinfects surfaces, reducing disease-causing bacteria and giving you peace of mind. ECOSENSE provides a safe decontamination and disinfection process with the following advantages:

  • Our solvent-free and water-based formula leaves no fragrance or traces of staining after the treatment.
  • Removes 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. These include coronaviruses, Influenza A, E.coli, and Staphylococcus.
  • With the use of food-safe ingredients, the treatment is safe to be applied indoor to a wide range of locations, including offices, schools,hospitals and homes.
  • It is proven to last for 30 days. Routine cleaning will not disrupt the antimicrobial activity and effectiveness.

Please email us for more details if you are still unsure if this Disinfection Services Singapore is the best fit for you.