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Novita 2-In-1 Dehumidifier with HEPA Air Purification

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This is Novita’s PuriDry™ 2-In-1 Dehumidifier ND2000, an immensely effective dual function dehumidifier and air purifier. Control mould growth caused by high humidity and breath comfortably in an irritant-free environment all year around!

Product Specifications:

  • Model Number: ND2000
  • Dual function – Dehumidification and Air Purification.
  • Extraction (30°C, 80% RH): 20 litres/day.
  • Recommended Coverage Area: Dehumidification: 25 m²or 269 ft², Air Purification: 30 m²or 322 f²
  • Tank Capacity: 4 Litres
  • Uses DC Brushless Motor System and rotary compressor.
  • Equipped with Semi-permanent built-in ionizer that produces up to 20 million negative ions per cm3.

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