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Mosquitoes can be a total pain in the neck everywhere on the planet, leaving itchy bites on exposed skin and waking you up with their high-pitched buzz. In addition to being a significant annoyance, Mosquitoes are the world’s leading killers, killing more people than sharks. Mosquito bites are annoying as well as painful and itchy. Furthermore, these pests are bearers of pathogens that cause disease.

Here are few details about these nasty insects that you should be aware of:

  • Mosquitoes have been around since the time of the dinosaurs, which was 400 million years ago.
  • They like to be near still water, where their larvae can breed and develop.
  • They seem to be drawn to black hues.
  • Mosquitoes are often nocturnal and can attack you at dawn or dusk. That is when they feed actively.
  • Mosquitoes are drawn to sunlight, and lactic acid appeals to them, so people who have recently exercised are more likely to be bitten.
  • Mosquitoes like more giant humans because they contain more carbon dioxide and lactic acid.


It is essential to prevent mosquitoes in and around your home. During the summer, mosquitoes can be a real pain, and they spread quickly and become a real threat if you don’t take action to keep their population under control.

Regulation of mosquito population begins with avoidance. In eight easy steps, you can learn how to keep mosquitoes away:

  1. Remove stagnant water sources.
  2. Clean Gutters
  3. Maintain water pools and features
  4. Fill up low areas and drain water.
  5. Replace water sources weekly
  6. Replace outdoor lighting
  7. Protect yourself
  8. Contact professionals

Contact professional mosquito fumigation Singapore ECOSENSE, Singapore recognizes the dangers of mosquitoes, which is why we provide our expert services for mosquito fogging Singapore to assist you.

Mosquito Fogging Singapore:

Our mosquito fogging service is one of ECOSENSE Pest Control Singapore’s most effective and popular treatment methods. Adult mosquitoes may be eliminated using thermal fogging, which ensures the mating period is likely to be broken.

For successful mosquito control, ECOSENSE expert workers fog mosquitoes at the right time. Mosquito fogging services are typically performed in the evening when mosquitoes are at their most active state. Fogging can be classified into two types:

  • Water-based thermal fogging: This fogging with water is nearly odorless and leaves no traces on fogged areas. This kind of fog is often used indoors to prevent odor and staining on clothes and households. It’s much lighter and disperses faster.
  • Oil-based fogging: Fogging with diesel is the polar opposite of fogging with water. This is due to the odor of the diesel-based insecticide, which leaves traces on surfaces after it has been fogged. On the other hand, Diesel-based insecticide does not spread as quickly as a water-based insecticide, making it ideal for outdoor use. This insecticide lasts even in adverse weather conditions such as rain and wind.

Mosquito protection in your home always necessitates the assistance of specialists. Mosquitoes reproduce quickly, and controlling their populations can be difficult. mosquito fumigation singapore experts like us are trained to know where mosquitoes live and how to better control them.

At Ecosense, we have healthy and inexpensive remedies for your home or company to ensure that your infestation is entirely eradicated. Read about our mosquito fogging process here.

Get in touch with us today to get mosquitos removed.

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