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Feb 06, 2022
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Mold is a kind of fungi that appears on the any surfaces of walls, ceilings and furniture, especially the wooden furniture, when the area remains wet, moist or exposed to constant high humidity and airborne spores.

Mold looks terrible, smells odd, makes the house look unpleasant, and is harmful to human health. The most common target of mold is the ceiling or walls.


The chances of developing molds are high in Singapore because of its tropical climate as there is excessive moisture in the air and often, many people contact professionals for proper mold remediation works.

But if you do not want to contact professionals, we still want you to get rid of the mold, protect your house, and save your health. So we are writing down this professional’s guide on how to remove mold from the floor that covers each step that you need to follow for promising results:

  1. Detecting the Mold:

Like any other problem, the first step to removing mold is identifying it. Identifying mold is not that hard as it is visible to the eyes, but the problem is that it can be hidden under the floor or furniture, and you need to remove all of it at once.

So before you move towards remediation, identify all the affected areas. A simple way to do this is to notice if the air in your house smells musty or moist.

Mold has a musty smell produced by the breakdown of surface material, such as wood, walls etc. If you manage to catch these hints, there might be some hidden mold that you need to find out.

Secondly, when you identify the potentially affected areas, you can notice physical symptoms like warped floor beds. If there is mold, the floor will be soft and spongy. You can further verify your suspicion by pressing on the wood with a screwdriver.

After identifying all the affected areas, mark them with a temporary marker so that you do not miss any areas.

As it is a professional procedure, you will need some supplies to perform it.

First of all, you will need personal protection equipment to avoid getting in direct contact with the mold. Get a special suit or wear a suit that you can dispose of later. Also buy some gloves, eyeglasses and a face mask.

After this, get some tools you will need, such as sandpaper, a brush, a spray bottle, a large fan, mold removal solution and water, and bleach.

After you collect all these things, prepare your room for the procedure.

    Preparing the Affected Site:

    For preparation, remove all the things that might come your way while removing mold from the floor and getting the area cleared. Make sure there is ample light so that you can see clearly.

    Another thing that you need to be sure about is the ventilation of the room, as you should avoid inhaling the fumes of the chemicals or the mold itself, so open any windows and turn the ceiling fan on.

    Also protect the other unaffected floor or furniture in the room with plastic protection so as to do a proper and neat works of remediation.



    How to Remove Mold from affected area?

    From a professional’s perspective, there are two stages to mold removal. One is from the surface, and the other is under the surface.

    We will begin with removing mold from the surface while ensuring under the surface removal is required.

    1. From the Surface:
      For this, mix chlorine with water in a ratio of 8:1 and fill it into your spray bottle. Now, generously spray the solution of the affected surface and let it sit for 10 minutes.
      Do not stand close by. Advise to leave the room and come back after the said time.
      Now, grab your rag and start rubbing the mold off the surface. Start with to and from motions and be vigorous to remove the mold. Once the mold starts coming off, switch to a gentle pace and circular motion.
      It will help you take it off and collect it to the sides. Afterward, take a thick microfiber cloth and wipe off the surface.
      Make sure you do not have physical contact the cleaning solution, and you must follow all the precautionary measures mentioned on the back of the bottle. Also, do not leave the liquid on the surface for too long as it can damage the floor. Upon application of the solution to eliminate the mold, quickly wipe it away to prevent any staining.
    1. Under the Surface:
      Removing mold from under the surface requires more work and technique than doing it from over the surface.
      First, you will need to remove the affected flooring to expose the mold. Make sure you do not leave even a bit of the affected area; otherwise, it will grow again.
      After removal, connect your fan to a socket and face it towards the affected area to dry any moisture on that flooring.
      Also, make sure to position the fan so that the air from it goes out of the house and does not get targeted towards anyone.
      Leave the fan on for as long as it takes to dry. The time depends on the severity of the condition.
      Once dry, take bleach solution and spray on it generously to get it all covered. Leave it for ten minutes and start removing it with a metal scraper. The problem here would be more severe, so you want to save the hard work and let the tool do its job.
      Get sandpaper and start on the manual work once you have removed as much as you can with the scrapper. You can start with the circular motions, as most of it will be off by now.
      After it is clean, you can wipe the area off and make it clean. The beach solution will discourage future growth in the area. Do ensure that it is dried properly too.
      Now is the time to repair the floor, therefore, please consult a flooring professional to have that portion of the floor replaced.

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